Room Service

31 March 2023
The Chefs at the Wesley Hospital

The Wesley Hospital has officially launched Room Service, where patients are now able to order their meals from an a la carte room service menu at their own convenience.

The menu has been designed in collaboration with restaurant trained chefs alongside side medically qualified dieticians bringing together optimal taste and nutrition.

Hospitality Services Manager Luke Hoskin has been working on the project for the past two years and said patient care and experience was at the core of this new business model.

“We have created a delicious menu with nutritionally balanced meals however it is the processes working behind the scenes which we are most proud of,” Mr Hoskin said.

“Patient dietary requirements are pre-loaded into our ordering system, ensuring only safe and suitable meal options are provided to our patients.

“Being an acute care facility, a large number of our patients have some form of dietary requirement that could be intolerance, allergy, medical condition, all the way up to texture modified meals. Room service will provide a much greater variety to satisfy these patients.”

Mr Hoskin explained to reduce the risk of malnutrition and enhance patient safety extensive reporting channels have been implemented to ensure patients are eating enough food and having their nutritional needs met.

“The Wesley Hospital is offering meal ordering through the CBORD patient app meaning patients can order meals quickly and easily from their own smart device,” Mr Hoskin said.

“We have a dedicated call centre staffed by Wesley Hospital team members where patients or their loved ones are welcome to call and order meals to their appetite.

“The creation of a room service menu has also seen the hospital kitchen undergo a comprehensive refurbishment to prepare for the 1200 meals which are leaving the kitchen each day.”

Sustainability was a key focal point of this project, with patients able to order meals to their appetite Mr Hoskin said his team has already seen a significant reduction in food waste.

“We have also installed a number of modern appliances in our kitchen including induction cooktops and high-speed ovens and to further our commitment to sustainability the most water and energy efficient commercial dishwasher on the market,” Mr Hoskin said.

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