At The Wesley Hospital, our sustainability vision is to help shape a future that is green, healthy, just and resilient by using every opportunity to reduce our environmental impact through continuous improvements, workforce empowerment and advocacy. In particular, we are proud of the progress and positive impact we have made through recycling and minimising waste.

We recognise that reducing our carbon footprint and being more resource-efficient – using less energy and water and producing less waste and emissions – are essential to promoting healthy and sustainable environments for our patients and communities.

Our environmental sustainability achievements

As part of our sustainability program, The Wesley Hospital is working to reduce environmental impacts. Visit UnitingCare’s sustainability page to read the latest Environmental Sustainability Reports, or read recent examples below.

  • Introduced food organics recycling at The Wesley Hospital; this helped divert an extra 19 tonnes (2% of the hospital’s total waste footprint) from landfill in 2021-22.
  • UnitingCare hospitals reduced the carbon footprint of general anaesthesia through practitioners choosing to use the climate-friendlier sevoflurane gas instead of desflurane. This represents 1,215 tCO2e avoided in 2021-22 when compared to 2018-19 baseline emissions.
  • Hospitals and BlueCare sites transitioned from liquid to solid detergent, targeting a reduction of 714kg plastic packaging waste per year.

Green champion

See how Teresa was nominated for our 2021 Go for Green Award for turning waste PVC into a playground for the Wesley’s paediatric patients.

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Proudly part of UnitingCare

The Wesley Hospital is proudly part of UnitingCare, whose Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025 outlines six focus areas, which support the vision to create a healthier, fairer, and greener world. 

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