At The Wesley Hospital, we strive to improve the health of patients and their families through excellence in all aspects of our operations. Our values are at the heart of The Wesley’s commitment to person-centred care and services, and our patients’ experience matters to us.

This means we:

  • Interact with patients, carers and families with dignity and respect.
  • Encourage and support active participation in decision making.
  • Communicate and share information with our patients and their nominated carers and families.

Our dedicated staff work to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality systems, as well as the way we operate within the healthcare industry and the wider community.

Learn more about our quality of care, from clinical governance through to patient rights and privacy, water management and feedback.

We have a comprehensive quality and safety program and monitor our performance.

We have a range of activities to collect data on how well we are doing for our patients.

Know your rights and responsibilities under The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

An escalation process to immediately address concerns about a patient’s condition.

Our water management, based on international best practice, aims to keep you safe.

We are committed to providing welcoming, safe and nurturing services for children.

The Wesley Hospital takes your privacy seriously – read our privacy policy statement.

The Wesley Hospital respects people’s rights regarding Voluntary Assisted Dying – read our information sheet.

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