How well do we perform? Our ultimate aim is to make our systems as safe as possible and to provide you and your family with a better experience. At The Wesley Hospital, we use a wide range of activities to connect with patients and find out how well we are doing.

Each year, The Wesley collects feedback from thousands of patients. Detailed analysis of weekly and monthly reports enables a speedy response to emerging trends, to reinforce what we do best, to recognise staff and departments who deliver an excellent patient experience, and to understand areas in which we may need to improve.

These results are regularly benchmarked nationally against hospitals of a similar size to ensure The Wesley is employing industry best practices to improve patient outcomes.

Focus groups

Focus groups are conducted with former patients and their carers to further develop a deep understanding of the patient’s view of their experience. Participants are invited to share their experience and how it has affected them.

Consumer engagement

As well as focus groups, there are established forums for consumer participation and engagement, including community representation on hospital committees. We use this valuable information to assist in planning for the future, the design of services, and improvement of care delivery processes.

Our approach brings together past patients, family members, carers or other community representatives, providing an opportunity to:

  • Consult – to provide a consumer perspective on issues with a view to influencing the systems and provision of care.
  • Involve – to support the exchange of information about patient care between service providers and consumers.
  • Collaborate – to work with other consumers and the hospital to develop health care improvement strategies.
  • Empower – to give consumers an opportunity to influence the quality of health care.

To learn more about consumer engagement at The Wesley Hospital, please contact our Quality and Safety Unit on 07 3232 7470 or email

The Wesley Hospital genuinely welcomes your feedback. We strongly encourage you to share your thoughts, comments and questions.


For more information on how to participate in our consumer engagement activities, call 07 3232 7000.

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