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Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn is Deputy Head of the School of Medicine and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health at The University of Queensland. He is a graduate of The University of Queensland Medical School and undertook postgraduate training in paediatric gastroenterology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. Following his training he entered academic practice within The University of Queensland. He is currently the senior paediatrician in the Children's Nutrition Research Centre of The University of Queensland at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane.

Professor Cleghorn has published in excess of 250 scientific articles and book chapters and is an invited lecturer and public speaker on a number of infant-related issues including perinatal and paediatric nutrition. His research interests include the use of energy expenditure and body composition analysis in a number of disease states including chronic liver disease, cystic fibrosis, and general nutritional rehabilitation. He has been the recipient of a number of research grants from national and international granting bodies including the Australian Research Council, the National Health & Medical Research Council in Australia and the National Institutes of Health in the USA.

Professor Cleghorn has developed an extensive network of associations throughout Asia and hence has a very high profile within this region. He is a frequent, invited visitor to countries throughout Asia and has spoken on a number of nutritional and gastrointestinal topics during these visits. This profile has enabled Professor Cleghorn to be formally appointed to the Academic Teaching Staff of the Department of Child Health at the University of Indonesia as a visiting Professor, to become involved in several multinational trials in South East Asia, and has seen a number of trainees travel to Brisbane to further their paediatric gastrointestinal and nutritional studies with him and his colleagues.

He has been involved in many of the historical and seminal advances in paediatric liver transplantation including the world's first successful living-related-donor liver transplant and the development of the liver cut down technique now universally known as the "Brisbane Technique". Research from the Queensland Liver Transplant Service has highlighted the importance of nutrition in these patients and is now acknowledged internationally.

His memberships include the Queensland Academy of Arts and Science, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, the North American Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition. In addition, he also holds the following positions:

  • Past President, the Asian and Pacific Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology & Nutrition;
  • Past President, The Federation of International Societies of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition (World Federation);
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition;
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Advances in Nutrition.
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