Embracing Compassion: A Glimpse into the Palliative Care Journey with Mandy Cleasby at The Wesley Hospital

25 March 2024

Meet Mandy Cleasby, the dedicated Clinical Nurse Manager overseeing Palliative Care at The Wesley Hospital.

Today, she graciously invites us into her Palliative Care Ward, a space she describes as warm, welcoming, filled with love and peace.

Mandy and her team not only provide essential clinical care but also create a safe and supportive environment for individuals and their families to be together and cherish the time they have left.

She explains there exists a crucial need to enhance public understanding of palliative care, a specialised medical approach aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with life-limiting illnesses.

“Unlike end-of-life care, which focuses on providing comfort measures in the final days, palliative care involves a broader scope of treatments and therapies,” she said.

Mandy emphasises the importance of early referrals to their service, fostering trust and rapport with patients and their families.

“The palliative care journey can begin as early as the diagnosis, allowing the team to provide dignity, empathy, and understanding throughout the patient's final moments,” she said.

“Quality palliative care extends beyond physical health, addressing spiritual and emotional well-being.

“By acknowledging fears and supporting hopes and dreams, the team helps alleviate suffering on multiple levels.”

Mandy stresses the significance of proper symptom control and management, which plays a pivotal role in reducing both mental and physical distress, thereby ensuring the best possible quality of life.

“The immeasurable privilege of caring for individuals during their most vulnerable moments must be acknowledged,” she said.

“The shared commitment among my team is to make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their families, striving to make each day as meaningful as possible.”

Mandy shares a poignant memory of helping a young couple create a lasting Christmas memory for their two daughters during the mother's final Christmas.

“The team decorated the room with a Christmas tree, left presents, cookies, and milk for Santa, and even imitated reindeer footprints,” she said.

The joy on the faces of those little girls remains etched in Mandy's heart, highlighting the profound impact of compassionate care.

Mandy Cleasby and her team exemplify the true spirit of compassionate palliative care.

Their dedication, empathy, and commitment to enhancing the lives of those in their care make a profound impact on individuals and their families during challenging times.

As we gain insights into the Palliative Care Ward through Mandy's perspective, it becomes evident that their work extends far beyond medical treatments—it is a holistic and heartfelt journey towards peace, comfort, and cherished moments.

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