A Heartbreaking Christmas Wish – Terminal Cancer Patient Samson Olorunfemi's Final Days with Family

22 December 2023
Terminal Cancer Patient Samson Olorunfemi's Final Days with Family

In the midst of what should be a joyous season, the Olorunfemi family is facing a heart-wrenching reality.

Samson Olorunfemi, a devoted husband and father of three young children aged one, five, and eight, is in his final days as he battles Head and Neck Cancer that has metastasized to his lungs and bones.

Originally from Nigeria, Samson is pursuing a Master of Cyber Security at Griffith University and was working as a Support Worker when he received this devastating diagnosis.

Samson, now in the Palliative Care Ward at The Wesley Hospital, is grappling with excruciating pain, rendering him unable to speak or eat.

The hospital staff, understanding the gravity of the situation, is rallying around Samson and his family to provide support during this challenging time.

His wife, Esther, and the three children are by his side, hoping to make his last Christmas as special as possible. Samson's fervent wish is to spend Christmas Day with his beloved family, cherishing every moment they have left together.

The Palliative Care Ward staff at The Wesley Hospital is going above and beyond to bring a touch of joy to Samson's final days.

They have adorned his room with festive decorations, organized thoughtful gifts for the children, and arranged for a special Christmas meal to be shared on the day.

The Olorunfemi family is grateful for the compassionate care provided by The Wesley Hospital's Palliative Care team during this difficult time.

The hospital staff's commitment to making Samson's last Christmas memorable is a testament to their dedication to patient well-being beyond medical treatment.

Samson's story serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help provide support to this young family after Samson passes, we would be so grateful if you could help support us in sharing the link, Fundraiser for Fiyinfolu E Olorunfemi by SAMSON OLORUNFEMI : Let us help Samson fight CANCER. (gofundme.com)

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