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04 October 2019

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The Wesley Hospital held an art appreciation event, where artists shared the inspiration behind their artworks displayed in our chapel.

Hospital Chaplain Julie Mackay spoke with the artists about their impact on our patients.

“We know how uplifting art is - that spiritual lift it gives people. We get a lot of feedback from patients and visitors, as The Wesley Hospital has one of the largest art collections in the country. Everything you have done, will in turn impact someone else who comes through our doors.”


Lindsay Farrell, Artist ‘Nailed Hand of Christ’ and ‘Giraween’

IMG_2967“This series of paintings are about Girraween and the source of the longest river which ends up in Lake Eyre. If you go up into the waterfall, you can see the way that water has come through the granite and formed this cross shape, at the source of the longest river, heading towards the centre of Australia to that once great, vast ocean. We can see a trace of history and time and eternity, where the journey is to become, almost, to the beginning again.

I was lying in bed here, at The Wesley Hospital, and reflecting that some 25 years ago I painted the hands of Jesus, on display in this chapel. The hand in that painting, is actually my hand. I did a drawing of my right hand… and I think that hand, that was held for me, is the hand that holds me….

Two weeks ago I was standing in the art gallery for a lecture about the Tintoretto Resurrection and I felt giddy. I had a scan and they said ‘Lindsay you have a brain tumour’ and I knew it was going to be a very different journey from that point.

I’ve been completely surrounded by those that love me and care for me. I’ve seen people minister to me in this hospital; it’s been a wonderful sense of meeting Jesus in those people and seeing him afresh each day. It’s been a wonderful journey for me, I feel so blessed to be here at this point.”

Peter Kline, Artist ‘Annunciation’ and Academic Dean, St Francis Collegecrop peter

“Often I’ll explore theological topics in my painting and find a way to explore something that can’t be put into words or concepts. This painting is called ‘Annunciation’ and is a reference to the biblical story where Mary is told that the Holy Spirit is going to come upon her and she will conceive. What we acknowledge is Mary’s ‘yes’ to God’s plan of salvation – so Mary’s ‘yes’ to God’s ‘yes’ to us.

A hospital is a place filled with joy and sadness, life and death, and everything in between. Any number of people, in any number of situations, could come and have an encounter with this piece of art; but I hope in some way, communicated through this painting is God’s ‘yes’, and that in turn, we can say ‘yes’ in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. “

Margie Staszewski , Artist ‘Cross Wall Quilt’ and The Wesley Hospital Chaplain

IMG_2953“This tapestry started to emerge on my floor.  It just seems to happen for me with fabric, rather than paint or pencil.  What came out of all of our reflections today is the prayerfulness behind what you do. I think my whole life is a prayer, so what we do and what we create becomes that prayer.

What I’m hoping is that on that wall, is a prayer for all. With the dark and the light and the cross; coming into this hospital there are good times and there are bad times, so the darkness comes over us sometimes and we’re not quite sure what to do with it, but we always know there is light coming in at certain times in our lives. So I’ve gone from the dark into the lightness, especially around the cross because we are saved by the cross.”

 Reverend Heather den Houting, Artist ‘Praying Hands’ and Queensland Synod General Secretary

“I have painted on and off throughout my life. As I moved into more senior executive roles I stopped painting because it takes too much time and I don’t have time in my life. That has been to my own detriment. So earlier this year I came up with a scheme and posted a Facebook event to paint to people’s projects - I’ll paint to what people long for. I received a request from The Wesley Hospital for a space just above the prayer bowl for some praying hands. The white on white represents the transcendent in all of our lives. Every moment is a holy moment.” heather crop


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