Behind the scenes in CCT

08 May 2023
Clinical Nurse Manager of Cardiac Catheter Theatres (CCT) Jaime Williams

Clinical Nurse Manager of Cardiac Catheter Theatres (CCT) Jaime Williams shared a behind the scenes look at what life is like in CCT this Heart Week.

“The Wesley Hospital is a great place to receive cardiac care, we are a one stop shop for cardiology which includes everything from, angiogram, open heart surgery and a dedicated cardiac rehab team,” Jaime said.

“CCT is where minimally invasive catheter heart surgeries and procedures are performed and most of the time the patient is awake.

“We can be removing a blockage, performing an ablation or simply giving a patient peace of mind that their heart is in good health, catheter heart surgery is amazing as the patient normally gets an immediate result.”

Jaime explains that while catheter surgery is considered a minor procedure for the patient it can be life changing.

“We are able to do so much for our patient through catheter surgery, we would never had imagined this to be possible even 10 years ago,” Jaime said.

“Our patients are usually up and walking around the very same day they have a procedure and can be home two days later.

“We are so proud to be able to offer some procedures not all hospitals can which includes alternate access through corroded arteries as we have vascular surgeons who perform them.”

Jaime explains the have a great service and a wonderful team who perform a range of different procedures.

“Our Structural Heart service is amazing, we have gone from performing 5-6 procedures a month to 4-5 a week,” Jaime said.

“The future of heart surgery is exciting, I believe robotics is the future, we will see less open heart and more minimally invasive procedures.”

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