Celebrating Pastoral Care Week: Honouring Our Hospital's Spiritual Care Providers

22 November 2023
The Wesley Hospital staff member assisting older lady walking on crutches.

During this Pastoral Care Week, we take a moment to acknowledge the dedicated spiritual caregivers within our hospital and the invaluable ministry they offer.

Did you know that our Pastoral Care team play a dynamic and essential role in our hospital? They actively engage with patients, staff, and the wider community to uphold our organisation's core mission and values.

John - Executive Leadership, Weddings, Baptisms, and Special Services

As a member of the hospital Executive team John plays an essential role supporting the hospitals mission and values. In addition to this John and many other members of the team can conduct special services and ceremonies, such as Baptisms and Weddings in the hospital. These meaningful moments are cherished by our patients and their loved ones.

Pip – Supporting Families and Responding to Emergencies

In addition to supporting patients the Pastoral Care team provide vital support to patients loved ones. In emergency situation a member of the Pastoral Care team will attend to provide comfort and support. This can be an emotionally challenging experience for the patient's family and friends, and our Chaplains are present to offer solace. They also participate in post-event debriefings to assist the staff in coping with the situation.

Leanne - Compassionate Companions

Leanne created the Wesley Hospital Compassionate Companions program, which now boasts a dedicated team of volunteers on rotation. They visit patients at risk of loneliness or provide respite to palliative care patients nearing the end of life.

Bea - Little Things Often

Our Pastoral Care team has introduced the "Little Things Often" program, which has gained immense popularity. It involves providing hospital staff with a small monthly treat, whether it's a sweet indulgence, a small gift, or stationery to bring a smile to their faces. It's crucial to understand that the Pastoral Care team is here for both our patients and our staff.

Liz – The Wesley Diaries

Liz created The Wesley Diaries initiative is an exhibition featuring artwork, photographs, letters, drawings, and other mementos from the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing significant moments in time. She has dedicated countless hours to carefully curate and select each piece, collaborating with various hospital wards and departments to ensure the display is a poignant and appropriate representation of our shared experiences during this challenging time.

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