Former journalist finds passion in nursing

16 July 2021

Mum-of-four and former journalist, Vikki Berardi, is one of more than 25 graduates who began their nursing career at The Wesley Hospital in early 2021.

Six months into the 12-month Graduate Nurse Program, Vikki has almost completed her first rotation in orthopaedics and radiates with pride describing the confidence she now has in her skills as a nurse.

“Clinically, I feel as though I level-up every day! In these first six months of the Program, I have been constantly challenged while also being encouraged and supported,” Vikki said.  

Vikki Berardi
“It’s amazing how quickly and intensely I have become more confident. I feel like I'm a safe and skilled nurse and each day my ability to connect with the patients I care for develops more and more.

“As a new graduate, I have had constant opportunities for professional development, education and to practice my skills. We also have the immense privilege of interacting with and learning from some of the best minds in medicine.”

As a journalist, Vikki enjoyed telling people’s stories, providing a voice and being an advocate for those not being heard, but the idea of training in nursing is one that never left her.

“I started studying nursing in 2018 because I wanted to be able to do more for people on a tangible level, and when the time came to choose a graduate program I investigated all the programs on offer before choosing The Wesley,” Vikki said.

“I initially chose The Wesley because I felt the organisational values aligned with my own. I wanted to become a skilled and compassionate clinician and be part of a team embodying these qualities. Almost six months in, The Wesley has been all of this and so much more.

“Above all, the Graduate Nurse Program support team are all highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are truly passionate about providing the highest quality of care for patients and support and education for the graduates. They told me ‘you’re ours and we’re yours’ and that’s exactly how I feel.”

Over the next six months, Vikki will join the team in Palliative Care for her second rotation of the Graduate Nurse Program.

“Being a Wesley Registered Nurse has helped me to achieve my goal. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Applications for the 2022 Graduate Nurse Program at The Wesley Hospital are now open and close on Sunday 25 July 2021. Click through for more information about the Program and to apply. 

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