Letters to our Healthcare Heroes

03 April 2020

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A collection of letters sent to our healthcare workers from students at Ambrose Treacy College:


To the wonderful health care workers in Brisbane’s hospitals,

Today, in the midst of their first Secondary School examination period, a number of my Year 7 class asked if they could write an email to you. From their own initiative, they wanted to show their gratitude for your tireless efforts and commitment this month, and over the ensuing months.

I have compiled just a few of their thoughts in the hope that their simple words of appreciation might underline once more how proud and fortunate the entire community is to be protected by miracle workers like yourselves. Thankyou.

Yours faithfully, 
Matt Warr
Dean of Faith and Mission


Dear Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons fighting the Corona Virus (Covid 19),

I’m writing to you to thank you for all the work you have done due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Whether it’s researching for a vaccine, or helping to look after those with the Corona Virus, it’s incredible. I thank you for everything you have done in the Brisbane and worldwide. Could please keep working to find a vaccine and save countless lives at risk. You inspire me to constantly work and get better marks at school so I can succeed in what I do. Thank you.

Sincerely, Ethan


To our amazing health care workers,

I may just be a year 7 boy just entering Middle School but what I have heard you guys do, and go through, really blows my mind. What you do is save lives and help people through tough times. You deserve the Victoria Cross. My sister has cancer and as the tumor is right in front of her eyes it can’t be removed. You guys have helped over millions of people just like my family; it just blows my mind. I really owe everyone of you the biggest thanks. It doesn’t matter if you are on the front desks or the top surgeon, you all play your part and that’s all that matters. Sometimes you guys have to go through heartbreaking times. Our society could be a wreck, but you guys stay strong, and that’s what I love about medics. We really owe all you ladies and gentlemen the biggest thanks. It really means a lot to the whole of Australia.

Anonymous Year 7 student.                 


Thank you to every staff member that works in a hospital. Thank you for helping the elderly and sick people with the coronavirus and everything else you do. Thank you from all of us for giving your time to other people and never giving up hope. I hope they find a cure for covid-19 soon.  

Regards, Will


I’m a Year 7 student at Ambrose Treacy College and just wanted to say that your work doesn’t go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to discover a vaccine, or simply caring for those who have it. What you do is significantly improving the health of others and the way we live. Your hard work really shows how ambient you are by putting others before yourself. In a hard time like this, we need people like you to help contain the virus. We are really inspired by you and what you do.

Thanks again for really helping the community, especially with elderly people who struggle the most from this and their families.

Kind Regards, Alex

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