Meet the Incredible IV Cannulation Team at Wesley Hospital

25 March 2024

Introducing the remarkable IV Cannulation Team at Wesley Hospital, a small yet mighty group of clinical professionals.

Their expertise lies in efficiently placing up to 50 cannulas on patients each day, seamlessly navigating through different departments of the hospital.

Additionally, this exceptional team also imparts training and education to junior nursing staff, further enhancing their impact on the overall hospital.

While they often find themselves mistaken for phlebotomists, it is worth noting that Wesley Hospital is one of the few medical facilities that continues to offer a dedicated IV Cannulation service.

The team, consisting of Linda, Vicki, Norman, Liz, Sharon, Susan and they are backed up with a group of enthusiastic casuals that steps in when needed who collectively covers all wards and departments, providing invaluable cannulation support from 7am to 7pm every day.

Due to their individually-assigned roles across the entire hospital, team members can often go unnoticed as they seamlessly move around the hospital visiting different areas and seeing new patients.

Despite this, they take great delight in the opportunity to visit various areas of the hospital, likening themselves to homing pigeons when they return to their office.

Their work involves managing highly complex cases, including elderly patients with fragile skin and veins, individuals who have undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy, as well as squirming and screaming young babies and children.

The team emphasizes the need to compartmentalize and maintain focus regardless of the challenging circumstances. They possess the remarkable ability to deliver exceptional care while remaining dedicated to their tasks.

Many of these team members have over 20 years of experience and they love what they do and the connections they build with their patients.

Linda Kirby, the esteemed manager, joined Wesley Hospital in 2001 after relocating from South Africa to Australia with her young family.

Already a trained nurse and university lecturer, Linda stumbled upon an advertisement in a newspaper that led her to an open day at the hospital. From that moment, she knew she had found her calling.

Reflecting on her early days in Australia, Linda cherishes the immense support she received from her manager.

With her husband still in South Africa and three young daughters to care for, Linda's manager went above and beyond, allowing her to start and finish work early to accommodate her family responsibilities.

As a working mother, juggling between professional commitments and family can be challenging, making Linda forever grateful for the unwavering support she received.

At Wesley Hospital, the IV Cannulation Team stands out not only for their outstanding skills in cannula placement but also for their commitment to training and their unwavering dedication to patient care.

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