New arrivals at the Wesley Hospital: A look at birthing suite upgrades

26 September 2019

The Wesley Hospital’s maternity unit has recently completed upgrades to their birthing suites, ready to welcome our Spring babies.

Comfort, privacy and functionality have been kept in mind, ensuring an even better experience for expectant parents set to use the new suite. Our birthing suites are equipped to handle all situations.

The five private birth suites have been upgraded with new furnishings for the birthing mother, partners or support persons,  to ensure privacy, tranquility, a friendly atmosphere and a truly personal birth experience

Midwife and Clinical Nurse Robyn Heron said it’s a pleasure to care for expectant and new mums in the new suites. 

“This is where many of our mums meet their babies for the first time. And for first time mums, it’s where they become a family. It’s very special to be involved in that first moment.”

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