Paving the way for generations to come

24 June 2020

The spirit of her ancestors is strong in Gubbi Gubbi and South Sea Islander woman, Ayesha Skeen. 

Ayesha credits her strength and drive to the many Indigenous women that have come before her, including her mother and grandmother; and it’s these attributes which she brings to her role as one of Wesley Hospital’s Graduate Nurses. 

Starting her clinical career as an Aboriginal Health Care Worker, Ayesha became motivated to do as much as she could for her community. Ayesha pursued a career in nursing because she noticed a lack of Indigenous nurses in the health care system. 

‘Only about 1% of nurses and midwives employed in Australia identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander,’ said Ayesha.

‘I have always held a strong desire to work as a remote area nurse ever since I began my studies, and it still continues to be a goal of mine. My end goal with nursing has always been to work within the community.

‘There are a lot of young Indigenous women doing great things within our community. We are gradually breaking down barriers and increasing Indigenous representation, especially within the health care system.

‘The opportunities I now have would never have been available in previous generations. That's why I try to make the most of studying and work opportunities whenever I can,” says Ayesha.

Clare Quaglia, Clinical Nurse Educator, runs the Graduate Nurse Program at The Wesley Hospital, which Ayesha is currently completing. 

Clare has nothing but praise for Ayesha: ‘She’s added her individual mark as a confident, caring nurse and has become a valued team member.’ 

Clare makes it clear that all of the graduates have held their own in their nursing skills and successful integration into their chosen clinical area. 

‘We have a diverse range of graduate nurses, who all eventually thrive in a clinical speciality of their choice after they graduate,’ said Clare.

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