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03 January 2024
The Wesley Hospital staff member assisting older lady walking on crutches.

Wesley Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinical Lead and Exercise Physiologist Matthew Green has played a significant role in the recent success of the AFLW Brisbane Lion's team, who have secured their second ever season premiership.

With seven years of dedicated service to the team, Matthew is grateful to the Wesley Hospital for providing him with the opportunity to pursue his sporting passion. Additionally, he credits his incredibly supportive wife for helping him along this journey as well.

Matthew considers his time working with the team as instrumental in his personal and professional growth.

“Working with the AFLW has helped me to develop my leadership skills and thus enhance my clinical expertise, this role as a high-performance manager involves managing the medical and performance attributes of each athlete and the team to optimise their outcome,” Matthew said.

Through the implementation of comprehensive high-performance programs, Matthew aids the athletes in reaching their full potential.

Although Matthew used to play AFL himself, he has shifted gears over the years. Nonetheless, he is thrilled to continue pursuing his sporting passion through his work.

“It has been fantastic to see the growing popularity of women's sports, we have been witnessing a surge in interest and it’s great to see the Brisbane community supporting this team,” he said.

Drawing parallels between life on the field and working in a hospital setting, Matthew acknowledges the distinct differences in tempo and pace.

“Sporting events demand a higher intensity and faster pace than the clinical environment, yet I find that the skills are transferable,” he said.

Notably, another Wesley team member Physiotherapist Alice Walker also plays a vital role as the Head Physiotherapist for the AFLW team too.

Alice has a combined eight years of experience working with the Brisbane Heat Women’s Cricket Team and now with the Brisbane Lion’s.

“It is an amazing place to work and so family friendly, they have supported me to take my husband and two-year-old with me when we are travelling,” Alice said.

“Working with a sports team you have to make decisions in at a rapid pace with multiple stakeholders impacted at the same time.

“The skills I learn on the field make me a better clinician in the hospital and I love it, I love working with people.”

Together, Matthew and Alice contribute to the team's overall success by ensuring the athletes receive top-notch care and support.

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