The road to recovery after breast cancer surgery

23 October 2020

Our Wesley Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team are here to support women to achieve their best possible physical recovery after breast cancer surgery. We chatted to the team to find out why women should always seek help if they are having any difficulty with their post-op recovery:


We are able to assist with the physical problems that many women may experience after surgery including pain, movement restriction, muscle weakness in the shoulder and trunk and scar sensitivity, which can all cause difficulties with activities of daily living.

Research shows that a large percentage of women may experience these symptoms after surgery. There is help out there and these symptoms can be improved with education and postural advice, hands on treatment and guided, individualised exercise programs.

Our team guides women through their immediate post-op period to return to sport and full activity.

We also work closely with The Wesley Occupational Therapists to provide education on minimising the risks of lymphoedema as well as monitoring for any early signs of lymphoedema including a feeling of heaviness, a dull ache in the arm, jewellery becoming tight.

The early detection and management of breast cancer related lymphoedema is important and results in improved outcomes.

How can I make an appointment?

Please phone (07) 3232 6190 to book an appointment. We are located in the day rehab unit, Level B1, East Wing.  

Media Enquiries
Urgent or after hours: 0412 674 013

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