The role of an OT: rebuild, recover, reengage

29 October 2020

Our Occupational Therapy team at The Wesley supports people of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful. So what exactly is the role of an OT and where might you encounter them in the hospital? Our head of Occupational Therapy Stacey Johnson shared her insights:

OT team October 2020_Stacey Johnson head of profession


What is the role of an OT?

Our overall goal is to return patients to functional activity – supporting their daily activities when they return home from hospital.

How does an OT work as part of an Allied Health team?

The OTs at The Wesley work closely with all members of the allied health, nursing and medical teams. Interprofessional practice is a core value of the profession and is necessary to ensure the best possible care is provided to our patients.

In what areas of the hospital does an OT work?

Our OT team works across all areas of the hospital. We have teams of therapists that work across the acute wards, inpatient rehab and ambulatory services.  We also offer an outpatient Hand Therapy service and advanced Lymphoedema service.

As a patient, will I see an OT during my hospital stay?

A patient may encounter an Occupational Therapist in a variety of ways in the hospital setting. We have a highly experienced and dynamic team with specialised skills to compliment the services offered at The Wesley Hospital.

We work in inpatient rehab with patients, focussing on rebuilding and re-training daily living activities - this might also include a home visit to prepare the patient for returning to their home environment.

From an acute perspective, we have skills in specialised wheelchair and equipment prescription, pressure care, neurological therapy, splinting and oedema management including bandaging and compression garments, to name a few.   

From an ambulatory perspective we offer, as part of a multidisciplinary team, a neurological day therapy program for eligible patients as well as a persistent pain management program. We have level 2 advanced lymphoedema therapists that offer a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient service and are lucky to also have an experienced hand therapist on the team.

Your doctor or care provider will refer to our OT team as required, so that we can get you home and back to rebuilding, recovering and reengaging in your everyday activities. 

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