The Wesley Hospital Makes History: First in Queensland to House Three Da Vinci Robots

14 February 2024
The Da Vinci surgical robot in an operating theatre

The Wesley Hospital is celebrating becoming the first hospital in Queensland to acquire three da Vinci Xi Surgical Robots, purchased to meet an increased demand for robotic surgeries.

The Wesley Hospital now has a total of four surgical robots, and is the only hospital in Australia who is an accredited Centre of Excellence in Robotics Surgery having performed over 10,000 robotics surgeries. /span>

Robot-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed through small incisions using high-definition, 3DHD cameras and specially designed surgical tools.

Director of Medical Services, Dr Trisha O’Moore-Sullivan, highlighted the growing preference for robotic surgeries among patients and surgeons.

“There are numerous benefits to robotic surgery which can include, expedited recovery times, minimal invasiveness, reduced pain, and lowered risks of infection and complications post operatively,” Dr O’Moore-Sullivan said.

“Contrary to popular belief, robotic surgery doesn’t mean that robots are performing your surgery. Instead, a surgeon controls robotic arms with extreme precision, they are using it as a tool to improve patient outcomes giving unparalleled flexibility and precision during surgery.

“Another benefit of having three surgical robots in the hospital is we are able to train more up and coming young doctors to use them, maximising their theatre training.”

General Manager Jason Burton underscored the hospital's proactive response to escalating surgical demands.

“The da Vinci Xi robot has emerged as a pivotal tool in oncological interventions, notably in the removal of cancers affecting the prostate, bowel, colon and rectum, as well as and gynaecological cancers,” he said.

“Expanding the robotic surgery program at The Wesley Hospital opens doors to a myriad of minimally invasive surgical options across various specialties including urology, gynaecology, colorectal, thoracic, gastro-intestinal and the first ever robotic cardiac surgery in Queensland which was performed here at the Wesley by Dr Chris Cole.

“This strategic initiative reaffirms the hospital's commitment to providing advanced surgical solutions to its patients, thereby ensuring optimal outcomes and enhanced quality of care.”

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