Wesley Mother + Daughter, Annelise and Simone

29 April 2022

Mum Annelise, Day Treatment Unit Nurse and Daughter Simone, Surgical Ward Nurse

How long have you worked at The Wesley?

A: I have been at The Wesley since 2010. Firstly as a casual nurse at most recently in Day Treatment Unit. And Sim started working at The Wesley in 2017. It was really special for me when she first started here, to be able to support her and help her settle into nursing.

Were you inspired to work at The Wesley by your mum?

S: My nursing career was definitely inspired by my mum. My mum was always around when I was young. A working mum but she was always attending school events and I could always rely on her. I never knew that behind the scenes she was working a lot of night shifts to be spending time with me. My mum has the most generous and kind heart and she inspired me to follow in her footsteps and help those at their most vulnerable by being a nurse. We have really bonded since I have become a nurse.

Are there benefits of working together?

A: We often drive to work together and I just love our talks in the car! Having the connection around our work and our workplace definitely created a stronger bond between us. And of course, it's handy when one of us has had a laundry/wardrobe malfunction. We've even had a run or two together at the river after work on few occasions.

S: I love working at the same hospital as my mum. We both have a big love for The Wesley and it’s so amazing being able to see mum at work for a quick coffee and catch up. Even just knowing she can relate to difficulties that can arise with the job. She really is my biggest supporter and comfort and so wonderful knowing she is close by at work.

How are you spending Mother's Day?

A: This year we will have a lovely family breakfast spending it mostly with Sim and my husband as her brother is currently studying at JCU and he won't be here.

What would you like to say to your mum this Mother’s Day?

S: I would like to thank my mum for being such a big inspiration in my life. I know she has made many sacrifices for me. Every day she inspires me to be a better person and a better nurse. I’m proud to be following in her footsteps and aspire to be as good of a person as she is. Mum you truly are my best friend.

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