Wesley Mother + Daughter, Shona and Dom

29 April 2022

Mum Shona, Patient Flow Manager and Daughter Dominique, Casual Ward Clerk

How long have you worked at The Wesley?

S: I have worked at The Wesley for 31 years and Dom for 2 only 2 months!

Were you inspired to work at The Wesley by your mum?

D: Although mum has always inspired me to become a nurse, we later discovered it may not be the best option due to my inability to deal with injuries or blood, however, she did inspire me to help where I can, such as being a ward receptionist at The Wesley Hospital.

Are there benefits of working together?

D: We get to have a coffee or lunch together which is something we rarely do at home. Dom also gets to raid my extensive black stocking collection!

How are you spending Mother's Day?

S: This Mother’s Day I will be on Long Service Leave, walking in the Spanish countryside on the Camino de Santiago. There will hopefully be a Facetime call from my three beautiful daughters somewhere en route.

What would you like to say to your mum this Mother’s Day?

D: Thank you for being the most caring, loving and fun mumma out there and for doing everything you can to make sure we have everything we could possibly need in life. I love you so much and Spain is lucky to have you today < />

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