Wesley Shines at the Full Circle Awards

21 November 2022
The Wesley Hospital volunteer End of Life Compassionate Companions standing in the chapel, wearing masks looking at camera

Uniting Care have just held the Full Circle Awards, an annual ceremony which recognises the outstanding contribution of our nearly 23 000 employees and volunteers.

This year 1100 nominations were received and The Wesley Hospital was a finalist for five awards and won two.

The Wesley Emergency Department won the Caring and Connecting category recognising the amazing response the team has had to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This team has been one of the most impacted teams in the hospital, seeing thousands of patients each month during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were recognised for their commitment to quality patient care and safety during the pandemic where they placed tents outside the department to safely test people, and were one of the first emergency centres to reach 100% staff vaccination rate.

Although they were facing their own fears and anxieties from the unfolding pandemic, the Wesley Emergency Department team provided hope for both patients and their families.

The entire hospital team were also recognised for their response to the Brisbane floods in February 2022 where the hospital, quite literally, became an island, with employees, patients, and critical supplies cut off.

When it became apparent the hospital would be cut off, many employees volunteered to remain in the hospital to ensure clinical care and services were maintained to the 300 inpatients. Many of these employees arrived with their sleeping bags, ready to stay for as long as required.

Everyone played a role in keeping the Wesley Hospital operational - from midwives and nurses to the kitchen team, doctors, allied health, cleaners, administration – every single team at the hospital and many of their family members did their part.

Honourable mentions must go to Leanne Duncan who created the End of Life Compassionate Companions Program connecting trained volunteers with patients who are expected to pass within 48-72 hours to provide a compassionate presence for patients who otherwise may pass away alone.

Another honourable mention includes Vikki Berardi who went above-and-beyond personalised care for palliating patients picking up and delivering care packages to make her patients more comfortable and they have made such a meaningful difference to people in their last few days.

Finally, Donna Lynskey who cared for an elderly couple with COVID-19 who were very malnourished and unwell. She set up their room to resemble a dining room and made it as homely as possible to encourage their intake at meal times. Over time, they improved in their ability to feed themselves and gain weight which assisted their recovery.

While the award ceremony was held in Brisbane City team members were able to watch and cheer on from the hospital. Congratulations to all our winners.

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