When to see a Women's Health Physio?

11 September 2020

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Have you been wondering if you should see a women’s health physio? We chatted to Senior Physiotherapist Cheryl Zeelie about how her team is building the confidence of women at all stages of life. #womenshealthweek

What is the role of a Women’s Health Physiotherapist? 

The women's health physiotherapist supports women in their health journey and focuses on maintaining and restoring normal function and improving quality of life for our clients.  We have specialised knowledge regarding conditions specific to females. Here at The Wesley we treat women both on the acute wards post surgery and in the maternity unit as well as in our Women's Health outpatient clinic. Consultations in our clinic include a comprehensive assessment, hands on treatment, individually tailored exercise program, advice and education and guided progression to aid return to work, exercise and activities of daily living.

We have six physiotherapists in our outpatient clinic who have all completed extensive postgraduate training specifically in the area of Women's health. We are passionate about providing excellent care for our women through all their life stages from young women, through the childbearing years, to midlife and beyond menopause. 

Why should women see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist?

Many women will experience some sort of pelvic floor issues in their lives that we are able to help with. We also play a big role in recovery post gynae surgery as well as breast cancer surgery. We work together with our clients to formulate a treatment plan, set goals and to get them back to doing the things that they enjoy. We can provide education and exercise to enhance wellness in our clients.

What conditions can the Women's Health Service assist with?

Conditions that are typically seen by the Women’s Health Service include:

  • Pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence and prolapse
  • Childbearing women pre-post delivery including exercise prescription and pregnancy related pelvic girdle/ back pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction
  • Rehabilitation after gynaecological surgery
  • Bladder overactivity
  • Bowel disorders including constipation and incontinence
  • Rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery
  • Lymphoedema management

Why should women prioritise their health?

Women juggle so many different roles in a day and it is vital to look after yourself, go for check ups and seek help for any women's health concerns that you may have. Women need to put their health first and to keep making positive changes that will have long lasting results.

How can I make an appointment?

Please phone (07) 3232 6190 to book an appointment. We are located in the day rehab unit, Level B1, East Wing. A doctor's referral is not required to see us. If your doctor has referred you, then we work closely with them to update them on your progress.

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