Why yellow?

31 March 2020


"It is known as the colour for endometriosis awareness and a yellow ribbon is typically worn during March to raise awareness for the chronic, debilitating, incurable condition - something I have battled with for a while now. Given I wanted to make a statement, here I am wearing yellow in September to a work event and a colour you will see me wear more often with the intent to raise awareness. It has been ranked amongst the world's top 20 most painful conditions but the 1 in 10 women suffering will know it incorporates similar symptoms from the majority of the 19 other most painful conditions.

After the year that was, receiving an award means a lot to me - trust me, surviving this condition daily is an achievement in itself. To say I was shocked to receive an award for quality is an understatement, given my private suffering both physically & mentally. I proved so much to myself and I am so proud to have not let this condition get the better of me. I have been in so much pain, had major surgery and I am tolerating side effects from my ongoing treatments, such as the implant I receive monthly that is used to treat women with breast cancer. It's been so hard. The first photo is me last week. The second is me two months ago. So ladies, I am just going to leave this here and hope it starts a conversation with you and your girlfriends. We know well enough that not all suffering is apparent. Speak up about endometriosis and know you do not need to go through this on your own."

A beautiful post shared by our patient Michaela Peihopa for Endometriosis Awareness Month.

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