Your peace of mind is top of mind when it comes to the safety of our water systems at The Wesley Hospital. As part of our mission to deliver excellence in all aspects of our operations, our water management regime is based on international best practice.

In line with Queensland Government legislation, we report on all types of Legionella tested in our hospitals. Although Legionella is common in the environment, our level of water management continues to reduce any associated risk to you and our staff.

Legionella water testing results

The Wesley works with a Brisbane laboratory for Legionella water testing that detects levels as low as 1 colony per 100ml. This is 1,000 times more sensitive than the current Australian standard for detection of 10 colonies per 1ml.

This increases the likelihood of detection in Wesley water samples. The Wesley reports Legionella detected at these low levels even though they may be many times lower than the current Australian Standard level of detection.

We currently conduct monthly water tests and promptly report these results to Queensland Health.

Mycobacterium chimaera in heater cooler units

A type of bacteria known as Mycobacterium chimaera has been found in the water reservoirs of some Heater Cooler Units (HCUs) across the world, including in Queensland. HCUs are devices used during certain open-heart surgeries, including heart valve or aortic vascular graft surgery.

If you had open heart surgery between October 2011 and August 2016, please read the following Patient Information Fact Sheet from Queensland Health regarding this issue:

Mycobacterium Chimaera

  • Mycobacterium chimaera in heater cooler units
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If you have any symptoms noted in the fact sheet, please contact your cardiac surgeon’s rooms. Alternatively, you can contact our Cardiac Care Co-ordinator at The Wesley Hospital on 07 3232 6030 or St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital on 07 3834 4257.

For further information, please visit Queensland Health.

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