What is nephrology?

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that specialises in kidney functions and the treatment of kidney disease. This includes managing any associated issues, such as high blood pressure, fluid retention and electrolyte and mineral imbalance.

Nephrologists at The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane can diagnose, treat and manage numerous renal conditions, including:

  • Acute kidney injury.
  • Chronic kidney disease in pregnancy.
  • Pre-eclampsia and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our nephrologists are also in charge of kidney dialysis treatment (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) and kidney transplants, with subsequent care and advice for patients and their families.

The Wesley Renal Dialysis Unit

The Wesley Hospital’s Renal Dialysis Unit provides individualised haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure. The primary goal is to provide high-quality healthcare and deliver the best possible therapeutic outcome.

For patients with end-stage kidney failure, we aim to achieve optimum wellbeing to promote quality of life and to enable transplantation, if possible. For patients with acute renal failure, we provide supportive treatment until their renal function recovers.

Nurses within the Renal Dialysis Unit are highly trained professionals who provide respectful and holistic high-quality care. All patients treated within the unit are under the care of their renal physician. However, The Wesley Hospital’s medical officers are available at all times and in case of emergency.

The Wesley Hospital takes pride in its multidisciplinary approach to delivering personalised high-quality healthcare, which incorporates specialist input from dietitians, counselling services, wound care and other allied health professionals.

Meet our nephrologists

Note: The information here is for general reference only. To understand the benefits and risks specific to your condition and overall situation, please discuss any procedure with your treating doctor.

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