Excellence in breast healthcare

The Wesley Breast Clinic operates as a multidisciplinary team, with highly skilled medical officers, radiologists, surgeons, radiographers, sonographers, breast care nurses, enrolled nurses and administrative officers. We are committed to providing excellence in breast healthcare.

  • Director – Dr Lisa Erzetich
  • Deputy Director – Dr Anita Taylor
  • Dr Adele Barber
  • Dr Anne Day
  • Dr Michelle Delamont
  • Dr Loretta Deuble
  • Dr Maxeen Devenport
  • Dr Julia Fielding
  • Dr Jane Glasheen
  • Dr Letitia Hansen
  • Dr Clare Montwill
  • Dr Leena O'Brien
  • Dr Jane Ramsbottom
  • Dr Kathleen Taylor

A breast care nurse is a registered nurse who has undertaken training to be able to provide information, support and care for women of all ages who experience breast disease. Comprehensive, co-ordinated care and support is a focus of the Breast Care Nursing Service. We provide a point of contact and familiar face to assist with navigation of the pathway of care for patients, families and significant others affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

  • Breast Care Nurse Manager – Jenny Treloar
  • Siglinde Arthur
  • Brenda Coll
  • Elaine Fisher
  • Sarah Fisk
  • Frances Jones
  • Ann-Maree Selwood
  • Rianne Uitejewaal
  • Tamara Willmer

The Wesley Breast Clinic is also supported by a multidisciplinary team of consulting specialists, including radiologists, surgeons, clinical geneticists and pathologists. These specialists provide experience and knowledge to deliver the most appropriate care possible for our patients.

The Wesley Hospital also has several expert surgeons who can provide surgical support if required.

Meet our breast surgeons

Note: The information here is for general reference only. To understand the benefits and risks specific to your condition and overall situation, please discuss any procedure with your treating doctor.

Your next step

To make an appointment with the Wesley Breast Clinic, please call 07 3232 7202, fax 07 3232 7911, or complete the form below. You may need a referral for some services.

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