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Suite 12, Level 1
Wesley Medical Centre 
40 Chasely Street

Dr Carmody gained his Australian Fellowship in 1989. He spent 1990 at the University of Winnipeg as a visiting fellow with Professor Frank Manning. During that time, he was exposed tertiary level obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound. Professor Manning taught him the invasive procedures he now conducts – VS, amniocentesis, saline hysterograms, fetal blood sampling and fetal blood transfusions.

Dr Carmody returned to Australia and set up private practice at the Wesley in August, 1991. He also operates rooms at Sunnybank in close co-operation with the Sunnybank Hospital. His practice is restricted to obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound.

He obtained the Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound from the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine in 1995. He is currently an examiner for the DDu for ASUM. As well, he is on the NATA Inspection Program to validate ultrasound standards in radiology practices. He is also an examiner for the Nuchal Translucency practical examination.

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