Wesley Maternity FAQs

From paediatricians to parking, and everything in between, here are our most frequently asked questions about Wesley Maternity.

The Wesley Hospital has several paediatricians. You can find a Wesley paediatrician here.

There are numerous obstetricians who work at The Wesley. You can find a Wesley obstetrician here.

You can book yourself into Wesley Maternity online.

Wesley Maternity’s antenatal classes include our Parents-to-Be Program and Extended Breastfeeding Class. Learn more about our antenatal classes here.

Licensed midwives who work at Wesley Maternity conduct all of the antenatal classes. Midwives who are also accredited Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) conduct the breastfeeding class.

It is important to contact the birth suites on 07 3232 7221 before coming into hospital, so that we can prepare for your arrival. You should come into hospital if:

  • You think you may be in labour.
  • Your waters break.
  • You experience any blood loss.
  • You notice a significant decrease or lack of baby movements.

Videos and cameras can be used after obtaining consent from your obstetrician and staff involved. Please contact Wesley Maternity to confirm.

Your obstetrician will discuss a caesarean section with you if needed. If you require a caesarean section, you will welcome your baby in the operating theatre beside the birthing suites.

If you think you may be in premature labour, please call the birth suites on 07 3232 7221 and come to the Wesley Maternity Ward on Level 1. The midwife will contact your obstetrician to notify them of your arrival.

Our antenatal classes provide information about breastfeeding. We have a three-hour Extended Breastfeeding Class for women who would like more information than is provided in our Parents-to-Be Program. We also have a Lactation Clinic that you can book into after the birth of your baby for assistance with breastfeeding.

It is anticipated that you will be in hospital for three to four nights after a vaginal birth, or four to five nights for a caesarean section.

Yes, your partner can stay overnight if preferred. Please note that we do not supply toiletries for partners. Partner meals can be provided at an additional cost of $15 per meal.

Out-of-pocket expenses will be determined by your level of cover with your private health insurer. It is best to contact your insurer or your obstetrician for information on any out-of-pocket expenses.

The Wesley Hospital has more than 30 specialty areas and all of our multidisciplinary teams are available to support you as needed during your stay at Wesley Maternity. These include:

When you are in labour and you arrive at The Wesley Hospital, you can park at the front entrance of the hospital located on Chasely Street. Please note that this is the only entrance available 24 hours a day. Wheelchairs are available at main reception or on request.

Once you are comfortably within Wesley Maternity, your driver will need to move their vehicle to the multi-storey carpark to allow access for other vehicles requiring drop-off or pick-up of patients. Long-term parking is not permitted in this area.

There is no special discounted parking for maternity partners, however a single day pass (multiple entry and exit) or a five-day pass can be purchased. Learn more about parking here.

The Wesley Hospital has a large, multi-storey carpark, which is accessed via Chasely Street. Learn more about parking here.

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